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Gay Bars and Clubs

Your Pictorial Guide to Gay and Lesbian Bars and Clubs across North America

As I travel this incredible continent of ours, I like to imbibe in a beer, a cocktail and maybe even dance a little. However, when I decide to go out and about in a city, it can be very hard, if sometimes impossible, to find a place to go and have fun. Even if I have time to check out a city's nightlife before I leave, I'll invariably go to an address, only to find out the place has been closed for years, or worse, I can't find it due to no address markings. Thus I give you this website. It has photos of the bars and clubs you'll be mostly likely to visit when traveling.

You have a lot of places you can go for information.  This is but one voice amongst many.  My goal is to make sure that the information posted is up-to-date and accurate, as that seems to be the problem with the other sites I've been to.  That includes those expensive books on gay travel - they seem to consistently be one to two years behind what's actually out there.  Plus I hope to provide you with more information regarding the various places - a review, if you like - my review.    




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